Afterschool: ​Discover Chinese Language and Culture through Music

Who are the instructors?
Mr. Xie is a renowned Jinghu virtuoso and a disciple of the celebrated Jinghu master, Tang Zaixin. Mrs. Hu is an accomplished Yueqin virtuoso. Both have participated in numerous performances worldwide and have over 20 years of experience teaching young students to play traditional folk instruments. In 2020, they moved to Minnesota and introduced traditional Chinese instruments to the local community and Yucai’s students. They take great pleasure in teaching Yucai’s students.

Who can attend this class?
All students, whether enrolled in our afterschool program or not, are welcome to join this class and discover Chinese language and culture through music. Students have the option to learn songs or play a traditional folk instrument.

What should students be prepared for the class? 
Our teachers will provide all necessary learning materials for students to learn Chinese songs. Students will also have the opportunity to explore various traditional folk instruments. For those interested in advancing their Erhu performance skills, instruments are available for rent or purchase.

Why choose to learn Chinese folk musical instruments?
Playing a musical instrument improves memory, relieves stress, builds confidence, and makes your life fun. We are lucky to have two well-known teachers who can teach a variety of folk musical instruments, which will help you learn not only a unique musical instrument but also the Chinese culture and music theory. We will provide many performance opportunities throughout your musical journey.      

What are the goals of this class? 
At the beginning, students will be devided into two groups to learn erhu or singing. As students become more skilled, they will perform together as a band. Ultimately, we want students to enjoy music, learn how to compromise, respect, and constructively communicate with their bandmates. Students will build unique bonding experiences during rehearsals and performances. ​By working together towards common goals and adhering to rehearsal commitments and practice routines, students will develop good practice habits. Additionally, this class offers a unique opportunity for students to learn Chinese through the lens of music.

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