Folk Musical Instrument Performance

Who are the instructors?
Mr. Zhengang Xie and Mrs. Mei Hu are our lead music teachers. Mr. Xie is a famous Jinghu virtuoso. He is a disciple of the well-known Jinghu master Tang Zaixin. Mrs. Hu is a famous Yueqin virtuoso. They have participated in many performances across the world. They also have over 20 years of experience teaching young students folk musical instruments. In 2020, they moved to Minnesota and introduced the traditional Chinese instruments to the community and Yucai's students.

Who can attend this class?
Both young students who can follow instructions and adults can attend this class.

What musical instrument could students learn?
Students can learn the Er Hu, Jing Hu, Yue Qin, Zhong Ruan, Gu Zheng, and Yang Qin.

Why choose to learn Chinese folk musical instruments?
Playing a musical instrument improves memory, relieves stress, builds confidence, and makes your life fun. We are lucky to have two well-known teachers who can teach a variety of folk musical instruments, which will not only help you learn Chinese culture but also make you special. We will provide many performance opportunities throughout your musical journey.       

What are the goals of this class? 
At the beginning, students will learn erhu, yueqin, etc. as a group. As students become more skilled, they will perform together as a band. Ultimately, we want students to enjoy music, learn how to compromise, respect, and constructively communicate with their bandmates. Students will build unique bonding experiences during rehearsals and performances. They will work together toward common goals and develop good practice habits by following through with rehearsal commitments and practice routines.  

Er Hu


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Jing Hu


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Yue Qin


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Zhong Ruan


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Gu Zheng


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Yang Qin


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