Math Olympiad / Pre-Mathcounts

This course is an early introduction to problem-solving and analytical reasoning strategies required for middle school math including an introduction to basic topics related to competitive math like Math Masters, Math League, Math Olympiad, and MathCounts. 

To achieve greater mathematical maturity, students are expected to study for at least two hours per week after each lecture, working on classroom topics and assigned homework problem sets. 

Topics Include
Basic Number
Theory Sequences
Integers and Arithmetic
Time Problems
Logic Problems
3D Geometry
Area and Perimeter
Modular Arithmetic 
Word Problems
Students learn mathematical concepts while gaining flexibility in solving non-routine problems with multiple solutions pathways. They develop higher-order problem-solving skills, our live classes will prepare your students to exceed the rigors of the basic school math curriculum. 

Student progress is strengthened through 

a. homework assignments for every concept covered (3 days per week)
b. monthly quizzes/competitions (on the last week of the month - results will be released to the parents on the first class of the month)
c. final friendly competition (end of the semester) MathIvy