About the Coach

Coach Alex has been coaching tennis for almost two decades. He's coached many top varsity players around the Twin Cities and even coached a boy to the state tournament AA in singles at the age of 13. He is very patient, however, and doesn’t shy away from coaching beginners too. He currently coaches many students from Yucai Chinese School. He has a very strict learning based teaching style.

About the Class

1) There are 30 weeks of tennis classes.

2) The class will be at Wayzata Central Middle School between 3:05 pm and 4:05 pm.

3) Students will either have the outdoor courts or indoor gym. Usually, absent rain, students will stay outside from the start of school in the fall until early October. When to go inside to the gym depends on the weather. Students will stay indoors until roughly early April. Students will then finish the school year outside for the remainder of the schedule, unless again it rains.

4) If it rains, students can move inside to the gym. Both the outdoor courts and gym have been reserved. 

5) Options: The parents can pick from the following specific options A) Tennis for competition B) Tennis for Recreation C) Pickleball. To be clear, choosing tennis for competition doesn’t mean your son or daughter is currently competing. It could be. It just means that you want your kid to learn, even if totally brand new to tennis, on a path towards competitive tennis. Recreational Tennis is more fun based. Pickleball is a new trending sport.