The Math courses broaden students’ understanding of challenging concepts in a manner that enriches their investigative and reasoning skills. In this course, the study of numbers and their operations will be explored through relevant word problems and unique real-world applications. 

Target Students

The MathWiz program is designed for students in Grades 1 to 10, ranging in age from 6 to 18. Students will be grouped appropriately based on their academic evaluation and subsequent progress. They will embark on their learning paths and progress at a pace that is comfortable for them.

Student progress is strengthened through

1. homework assignments for every concept covered (3 days per week)
2. monthly quizzes / mini-test (on the last week of the month - results will be released to the parents on the first class of the month)
3. cumulative final exam (end of the semester)


The Math courses adhere to the Common Core and Singapore Math Curriculums. Students will sharpen their math skills to have a fundamental understanding of Number Theory and Pre-Algebra concepts. As a result, they will be well prepared for middle and high school math courses and national standardized tests, including MCA, MAP, Aspire ACT, and Pre PSAT Examinations. 

Course Objectives 

The student will master the grade-level math skills and acquire above-grade level skills to advance to the accelerated math groups and score high on the State and National standardized tests. The curriculum and detailed course objectives are listed as below.

●       Write whole numbers in expanded form, the word name for a number, and the number for a word name.  

●       Factor whole numbers into primes and apply the rules of divisibility.  

●       Add, subtract, multiply, and divide whole numbers, including multi-digit numbers when carrying and borrowing may be necessary, using the properties of numbers.  

●       Perform several arithmetic operations in the proper order and evaluate whole-number exponents.  

●       Round whole numbers and estimate the answer to a problem involving calculations with whole numbers. 

●       Solve application problems using the basic math operations and check answers.  

●       Add, subtract, multiply, or divide two or three signed numbers with the same or different signs. 

●       Calculate with signed numbers using more than one operation.  

●       Use fractions to represent data from applied situations.  

●       Write a number as a product of prime numbers, reduce fractions, and determine if two fractions are equivalent. 

●       Change between a mixed number and an improper fraction and reduce. 

●       Multiply and divide mixed numbers and fractions that are proper or improper.  

●       Find the least common denominator given two or three fractions and convert a fraction to an equivalent fraction with a given denominator. 

●       Add and subtract mixed numbers and fractions with or without a common denominator. 

●       Solve applied problems that involve various types of fractions.  

●       Change between fractional and decimal notation. 

●       Compare decimals, order decimals, and round decimals to a specified decimal place. 

●       Add, subtract, multiply, and divide decimals. Solve applied problems using operations with decimals.  

●       Use ratios and rates to compare quantities.  

●       Write a proportion and solve proportions for the missing number. 

●       Solve applied problems using proportions.  

●       Change a percent, decimal, or fraction to equivalent forms. 

●       Translate a percentage problem into a proportion or an equation and solve. 

●       Solve applied percentage problems including interest, commission, percent change, and discounts.  

●       Identify units of measure in the American system and solve related problems.  

●       Use prefixes in the metric system and convert metric units of length, mass, and volume. 

●       Solve applied problems involving the metric system of measure.  

●       Change numbers between standard notation and scientific notation. 

●       Add and subtract numbers in scientific notation.  

●       Combine like terms containing a variable and apply the distributive property.  

●       Solve equations using the addition or multiplication properties of equality or both. 

●       Solve equations where the variable is on both sides of the equal sign and the distributive property must be used.

MathWiz Algebra I / II Course Objectives 

●       Module 1: Algebra Essentials 

●       Module 2: Polynomial and Rational Expressions 

●       Module 3: The Rectangular Coordinate System and Equations of Lines 

●       Module 4: Equations and Inequalities 

●       Module 5: Function Basics 

●       Module 6: Algebraic Operations on Functions 

●       Module 7: Linear and Absolute Value Functions 

●       Module 8: Quadratic Functions 

●       Module 9: Power and Polynomial Functions 

●       Module 10: Rational and Radical Functions 

●       Module 11: Exponential and Logarithmic Functions 

●       Module 12: Exponential and Logarithmic Equations and Models 

●       Module 13: Systems of Equations and Inequalities 

●       Module 14: Solve Systems With Matrices 

●       Module 15: Conic Sections