Minnesota Yucai Chinese School

Yucai Chinese School offers new classes to help beginners, particularly non-Chinese background children to build a solid foundation for learning Chinese as a foreign language.

Welcome to Yucai Chinese School.

Setp. 10th is our first school day. Please make sure to drop your kid(s) off at 1:00 pm at the Wayzata Central Middle School -  305 Vicksburg LanePlymouthMN 55447

If you haven't paid the tuition yet, please arrive at school at 12:30 pm to pay the tuition first.

Attached, please find the Wayzata Central Middle School map, You will find your kids' classroom and teacher assignment on the first school day.

The Chinese class will start at 1:10 pm and the selective class will start at 3:00 pm. If your kids don't have selective class, please make sure to pick them up by 3:00 pm. For students with selective class, they have to be picked up by 3:50pm.

Please also make sure to prepare the school supplies for your kids. As a general guideline, a student should bring a few sharpened pencils, a notebook, a water bottle as needed. The teacher may have emailed you for additional school supplies as needed. 

When you park your car, please make sure it is in the designated area. Do not park on the bus line right in front of the building and do not park in the small parking lot which is for the Central Middle School teachers and staff.

Thank you for your attention. We are looking forward to a great school year with your support!

2016-2017 School Year Classes ( Saturday)
Chinese Class Sample Material Optional Class Sample Material
Preschool   Grade1 Math G1-M-1, G1-M-2
Grade1 (H*) G1-H-TB,WORD-CARD Grade2 Math G2-M-1, G2-M-2
Grade2 (H) G2-H-TB Grade3 Math G3-M-1, G3-M-2
Grade3 (H)   Grade4 Math G4-M-1, G4-M-2
Grade4 (H)   Grade5 Math G5-M-1, G5-M-2
Grade1 (S*) G1-S-TB, G1-S-EB Competition Math  
Grade2 (S) G2-S-TB, G2-S-EB    
Grade3 (S) G3-S-TB, G3-S-EB Drawing  
Grade4 (S) G4-S-TB, G4-S-EB    
Grade5 (S) G5-S-TB, G5-S-EB Chinese Culture  
Grade6 (S) G6-S-TB, G6-S-EB    
Grade7A (S)   Youth Chinese Test(YCT)  
Grade7B (S)   AP Chinese
Grade8 (S) G8-S-TB, G8-S-EB    
Grade9 (S) G9-S-TB, G9-S-EB    
English Writing 2   English Writing 1  
Adult Dance   Child Dance  
S* - Standard Chinese; H* - Happy Chinese(Textbook: Easy Steps to Chinese for Kids)