MathAscent UMTYMP Prep

MathAscent provided through Yucai is a 30-weeks program that focuses on fortifying the main topics in middle school mathematics. Students will master these topics while solving challenging problems at the level of (or above) University entrance examinations such as those at UMTYMP, John Hopkins, MIT, and Stanford. Students will also learn to solve mathematical puzzles and learn tricks and shortcuts for solving them. Students go above and beyond
the school curriculum in this brain-stimulating course.
The MathAscent course will familiarize students with the essential concepts and techniques of Pre-Algebra, Introductory Algebra and Geometry, Number Theory, and Combinatorics. We will specifically emphasize problem-solving, where students will constantly be challenged to think creatively. The month of May will be dedicated to Problem-Solving and skill-building activities. 

Early University Admissions

UMTYMP, MIT, Stanford online, Northwestern CTD, John Hopkins CTY 

Student progress is strengthened through
1. homework assignments for every concept covered (3 days per week)
2. monthly subject quizzes / mini-test (on the last week of the month - results will be released to the parents on the first class of the month)
3. comprehensive test (end of the semester) 

Course Objectives
Upon the completion of the MathAscent program students will: 

1. Have a mastery of concepts covered in standard Pre-Algebra, the beginnings of Algebra and Geometry courses, as well as topics not covered in the        traditional school curriculum.
2. Be able to explain and employ important theorems and techniques used in mathematics to crack entrance examinations.
3. Be able to map unfamiliar problems to basic principles and intelligently employ techniques they have learned to find the solution.
4. To accelerate and start high school math courses early. 

Teaching Philosophy 

We believe that building good problem-solving skills is vital for mathematical growth. As such, the main focus of the course will be on building up intuition and creative thinking skills for moments when students are faced with classes of problems they’ve never seen before.

The course curriculum is owned and developed by the Center of Academic Excellence. The class material is composed of a unique blend of problems based on previous exams/contests from around the globe, traditional/historical problems, and fascinating puzzles. The classes in the month of May will focus on Competitive Math/ Problem-Solving.

Makeup Lessons

The MathAscent UMTYMP is also offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays by the Center of Academic Excellence (CAE) at other locations in the City of Plymouth. If you notify the instructor three days prior to the lesson you will miss, the instructor may be able to arrange for you to attend the class at the alternate location, if it’s convenient for you. Otherwise, there will be no makeup lessons or refunds. However, you can request the instructional materials for the day you missed.